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The 'tlatoani' (or 'speakers') of the Aztecs were its kings. Tenochtitlan sought to cement its own position by electing Acamapichtli, one of the Culhua who. The Aztec Empire was ruled by an absolute monarchy where the king was considered the supreme political and religious leader. The Aztec king, of course, ruled. Even in Tenochtitlán itself fighting did not ensue immediately; the Spaniards as usual seized the cacique (that is, the king of Tenochtitlán, often called the Aztec. Poisoned or died of illness. Reports and Suggestions Rules Nominations. The Penguin history of Latin America. Death of Aztec ruler Motecuhzoma II. Alexander the Great, Frederick the Great, Catherine the Great, etc.

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Cortes and the Aztecs the aztec king Some Rights Reserved by Ancient History Encyclopedia Limited, a non-profit organization registered in the UK. The latter alone left offspring, from whom descends the Sotelo-Montezuma family. Chicago Style Cartwright, Mark. Alternative History is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Interaction Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. He is initially credited with being the first European to reach the Americas, although he uses a route that sailors have been aware of for at least a generation. Map of the Aztec Empire by Yavidaxiu from Wikimedia Commons Click picture to see larger version.

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The city still thrives, building the earliest level of the Great Pyramid Temple II. Montezuma and the Aztecs A Henry Holt Reference Book Mathilde Helly Henry Holt and Co. The jaguar, the eagle, and the serpent were potent symbols of Aztec religion. Through astrologers, the god instilled in the emperor a kind of fatalism in the face of an uncertain future. Mark holds an M. Internet URLs are the best. The Aztec empire flourished between c. Place Latin America and the Caribbean Mexico. Tenochtitlan sought to cement its own position by electing Acamapichtli, one of the Culhua who successfully fought off Aztec takeover attempts. This is an artist's impression of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan at the height of its glory and power, shortly before the arrival of the Spanish quickly put an end to it - Chimalpopoca Son or brother. Charles River Editors CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 26 October Price: Spotlight Demystified Quizzes Galleries Lists On This Day Biographies.

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Several species of animals and plants such as Montezuma quail , Montezuma oropendola , Argyrotaenia montezumae and Pinus montezumae have been named after him. It has been noted that it does seem strange that such a powerful ruler as Motecuhzoma should cut such a passive figure in the record of events brought down to us. Montezuma and the Aztecs A Henry Holt Reference Book. Moctezuma had many wives and concubines but only two women were his Queens — Tlapalizquixochtzin and Teotlalco. Women are currently allowed to ascend to the throne. Elected founder of royal line. In the same year that the city of Tlatelolco gains an outsider as king, he is offered the throne of Tenochtitlan in an attempt to secure the city's position. The Aztec rulers AcamapichtliHuitzilihuitl and Chimalpopoca were, in fact, vassals of Tezozomocthe Tepanec ruler of Azcapotzalco. Pedro de Alvarado is sent out by Hernan Cortes to conquer the highlands of Guatemala. The 'tlatoani' or 'speakers' of the Aztecs were its kings. Views Read Edit View history. Certain rulers had the In particular, he free spinner online himself in the Aztec campaigns in Tehuantepec tank tank Xoconochco.